Cycling fun for everyone!

By Karen Billett posted 11th January, 2021

Pixie from Mildura City Heart promoting our Bike Hire.
Word is getting out that 7th Street Motel have great bikes for hire.  They have been in demand recently with Mildura having ideal weather conditions for cycling around the area.

Christmas wishes..

By Karen Billett posted 17th December, 2020

Hoping all your Christmas wishes come true...

Back in business!

By Karen Billett posted 29th November, 2020

After many months in hibernation waiting for Victoria to recover from the pandemic and get out of lock down, we are now fully open and eagerly awaiting new and past guests to book their accommodation with us.  We sincerely hope that the public will support us to recover from what has been a very difficult time.  We pride ourselves in being one of the cleanest motels around and am very strict on disinfecting our rooms after each booking.  We clean the rooms ourselves so that we are able to guarantee their cleanliness.   

Jump on yer bike!  

By Karen Billett posted 26th October, 2020

Cycling is on trend. Social distancing guidelines are easy to maintain while riding a bike and 7th Street Motel is trying to create another source of income while being severely impacted by the pandemic. Mildura is a fabulous place to discover by bike as it has flat terrain, great weather and the gorgeous Murray River! We offer you the chance to explore the region at whichever pace suits you, with three Mountain Bikes & two leisure bikes with Helmets for your use, rented out daily for your convenience. Centrally located, we are the ideal starting point to your outdoor cycling fun!             Bike Hire available to guests and the public.

Aussie 'Retro' Motels a great choice for your next road trip!

By Karen Billett posted 26th May, 2020

Who would have guessed that from the world's first motel opening in California in 1925, five or so years after the end of the Spanish Flu pandemic, its designers and builders had laid the foundations of the perfect model for a pathogen-free holiday nearly a century later.
Suddenly, in the era of the coronavirus, this form of back-to-basics accommodation with its ingenious breakfast hatch, through which meals magically appeared, offers renewed appeal.
7th Street Motel Mildura is the perfect example.7th Street Motel still has the original hatch (not in use but beautifully painted with Australian themed artwork). 
The idea that you can drive straight up to your room with the key already in the door (since you'd already booked and paid for it over the phone or online) with no lift buttons to touch and no buffet breakfast means that the motel should make a comeback from a safety point of view alone.
Australians taking self-drive holidays will be looking for a clean, comfortable, affordable and convenient stop along their route or just somewhere to base themselves while they explore the local region.
Crucially in 2020, motels and motor-inns, which first began to appear in Australia in the 1950s and now employ nearly 20,000 people across 2220 establishments, are ideally designed for social distancing, allowing guests to park their vehicles outside their room with direct access to their room with minimal "communal touch points".
Dean Long, the chief executive of the Accommodation Association of Australia, believes that the retro factor inherent in many motels will offer some new-found appeal in the age of COVID-19 and an alternative to the laissez faire, unregulated AirBnb properties, with clearly-defined standards of cleanliness set to form an integral part of all future holidays.
7th Street Motel is not only retro, it is in a great location with very clean & comfortable rooms to suit everyone.
Ref: (


By Karen Billett posted 29th April, 2020

A Queensland-based major event manager and promoter has signed a three-year agreement with the Mildura Council to coordinate the event formerly known as Mildura Country Music Festival.

The event will be renamed the Mildura Music Festival On The Murray, but will still have an emphasis on the country genre, especially the traditional form.

Independent artists will still be a hallmark of the revamped event, while offerings will be expanded to include bluegrass, folk, Americana, country rock, alt-country and much more.  Dates are yet to be decided.

Welcome to Summer

By Karen Billett posted 16th January, 2020

I had lovely surprise visit from a Kookaburra while sitting by the pool. Even the Australian native birds love the 7th Street Motel pool!

Happy New Year!

January 7, 2020

Beating the dust....

By Karen Billett posted 11th December, 2019

Yes....we now have a Solar Pool Cover👏👏👏 Not only will it keep the dust and leaves out, it will also warm the water up!  

Solar pool cover

Mildura Country Music Festival 2020 Update!

By Karen Billett posted 14th October, 2019

Another great Mildura Country Music Festival done and dusted. Remember to book early for next year! It WILL continue. And where better to stay than Mildura's friendliest Motel, 7th Street Motel.  The actual dates will be announced within the next few weeks for the 2020 festival.
Mildura Country Music Festival

Mildura Country Music Festival!

By Karen Billett posted 25th September, 2019

This years Country Music Festival is about to start this Friday.  The weather is looking promising as usual and we are geared up to welcome our many regular guests, some from as far as New Zealand.

Vanilla Slice Triumph!

By Karen Billett posted 19th August, 2019

The weather was perfect for this year's Vanilla Slice competition which was held in the Mall.  I did manage to take a couple of photos as well as eat too many vanilla slices!  Next year it will be held at Merbein.

Vanilla Slice competiton in the Mildura Mall
Wierd & wonderful vanilla slice creations!

Foggy morning to a lovely winter's day!

By Karen Billett posted June 20, 2019

The early morning view from room 11..

Mildura's Scented Garden

By Karen Billett posted May 25, 2019

This photo was taken on my walk yesterday along the Mildura River Front.

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses.....


By Karen Billet posted March 9, 2019

Enjoying some lunch and a little tennis!


By Phoebe Phillips posted February 11, 2019

Cirque Africa is coming back to Mildura with a brand new show ready to amaze and enthral you! Cirque Africa is 100% African, 100% energy and 100% fun, a cultural experience like no other. It is a vibrant and highly entertaining blockbuster production which tansports the audience to the positive side of Africa through a modern performance. Consisting of 18 performing artists from 6 African countries they include acrobats, dancers, percussionists, musicians and contortionists, who perform a 90 minute awe inspiring show. With stunning, colourful African costumes, high energy knuckle biting acrobatics, comedy, and both traditional and modern originally composed music, this show will have you on the edge of your seat!! 

Thursday 21st February | 8pm | Mildura Arts Centre

Cirque Africa


By Phoebe Phillips posted January 07, 2019

Let's make 2019 a good one!

Happy New Year! We have started the new year with a bang, it's been busy, busy, busy here at the 7th St Motel and is looking to stay that way throughout the holidays. We hope your year has started well and that you have recovered from the silly season with aplomb! There's plenty going on in Mildura this summer so if you haven't managed an escape yet why not come and stay with us and enjoy all our region has to offer. Begin as you mean to go on is our motto :)


By Phoebe Phillips posted December 12, 2018

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

We at the 7th Street Motel don’t want this holiday season to pass without wishing all of our guests, friends and acquaintances a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with peace, prosperity and lots of exciting travel.

As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2019.

Remember to stay safe over the holidays and to eat, drink and be merry!! 

Colorful start to Spring

By Karen Billett posted November 24, 2018

Feeling pleased that we have a colorful welcome for our guests.  Beautiful Mandevilla.

2018 Country Music Festival

By Karen Billett posted October 17, 2018

It was wonderful to see most of our regular guests return this year for the 2018 Country Music Festival.  The weather was just perfect and the crowds were great.  The whole town was booked out during the festival and the shops & restaurants very busy, with a festival vibe all round!
2018 Mildura Country Music Festival


By Karen Billett posted July 3rd, 2018

Winter is here again, and with it brings the frosty mornings and wonderful Mildura oranges, mandarins and lemons ready to pick. We all have a chance to get the fires burning and rug up and enjoy the few months of the year when the Mildura heat is not bearing down upon us! It is a wonderful time of year to visit Mildura and surrounds. We are ready and waiting to take care of your every need here at the 7th Street Motel, so what are you waiting for, get in touch today!

Sunraysia Oranges


By Karen Billett posted May 3rd, 2018

Mildura has once again turned on the most amazing weather for the Easter long weekend! All the action began with the annual Easter Powersports Show & Shine held in Mildura City Heart. The markets were wonderful with everyone enjoying Mildura's fresh local produce and crafts.


By Phoebe Phillips posted March 26, 2018

Easter is here this weekend! The oven is switched on and baking hot cross buns, and the chocolate just seems to multiply in the cupboard :) We have some fabulous events here in the Mildura region over the Easter Break so if you're heading up this way be sure to check them all out. Wherever you are going this Easter remember to stay safe on the roads, Stop, Revive, Survive!!! But most of all remember to have a wonderful time, Happy Easter Everybody!!

Happy Easter


By Phoebe Phillips posted March 3, 2018

Keep your love of tennis going this autumn with the Mildura Grand Tennis International. If you loved the Australian Open, get up close to the action live as the region plays host to the Australian Protour.

Featuring Australia's prominent and emerging tennis talent, this tournament is not to be missed. The Tour is a players' best introduction to the world of professional tennis. It is the vital link between the junior ranks and the top level WTA and ATP Tours. The Australian Pro Tour also provides a great framework for international players to spend a year competing in Australia.

From Saturday 3rd until Sunday 11th March at the Mildura Lawn Tennis Club, Hugh King Drive, Mildura. Click here for details.

Get up close and personal this year at the Mildura Grand Tennis International


By Phoebe Phillips posted February  8, 2018

The Queen's Baton Relay will be passing through Mildura on the 17th February on its 388-day journey from Buckingham Palace to the Gold Coast for the XXI Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. The Mildura leg of the Queen's Baton Relay will start from Nowingi Place at 3pm, travel through the CBD and conclude on the lawns of of the Mildura Arts Centre. The free Community Celebreation will kick off at 4pm with live entertainment, kid's activities and refreshments. 

Queen's Baton Relay
The Queen's Baton Relay will be passing through Mildura on the 17th February.


By Phoebe Phillips posted 6th December, 2017

The end of the year is fast approaching and the weather is well and truly heating up! Welcome to another wonderful Christmas in the Bush! With the summer holidays just around the corner, it's time to start planning your annual trips away and what better place to visit than Mildura, we have something for everyone!! Whether you like watersports or bushwalks our region will satisfy even the most picky of travellers!! So get in touch today to secure your little piece of Christmas Heaven at the 7th Street Motel, we will make your stay one to remember!!

Bush Christmas
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all at the 7th Street Motel.


By Phoebe Phillips posted  9th November, 2017

The Return to Country of Mungo Man in November 2017 represents a one-time opportunity for a long overdue and powerful acknowledgment of Aboriginal Australians as the oldest living culture on Earth. This long-awaited moment offers space for truth-telling and healing for all Australians, commemorating the oldest modern humans known outside of Africa and one of the first expressions of spiritual consciousness in the entire human journey.

Mungo Man was first discovered in 1974 by Geologist Jim Bowler working on the shoreline of an ancient lake in Western NSW. This discovery and the earlier one of Mungo Lady (1969) forever changed our understanding of the antiquity of human occupation of Australia setting it back beyond 40,000 years. The discovery of these ancient ancestors led to the 1981 UNESCO listing of Lake Mungo and adjacent lakes as the globally-significant Willandra Lakes World Heritage area. Mungo Lady and Mungo Man remain to-date the oldest human remains ever found in Australia and are the oldest modern humans found outside of Africa.

All are invited to join in the celebration of the repatriation of the 42,000 year old remains of Mungo Man and the Willandra Collection, back to Willandra Lakes, the world heritage area, on November 17.

Held at Nowingi Place the following day and featuring artists Archie Roach, Isaiah Firebrace, Kutcha Edwards plus many more, this event is Free for the whole community.

Traditional Owners, as well as other Indigenous Leaders will be present at what will be a very important step in a journey of national significance, as Mungo Man leads us in 'Return to Country'.

Mungo Man
Mungo Man:Return to Country


By Karen Billett, posted 5th October, 2017

We are right in the midst of the annual Country Music Festival here in Mildura and there is a great party atmosphere as always! We have back with us again our Country Music regulars who travel from far and wide each year to be with us and enjoy this wonderful festival. There is plenty of action to be had in and around Sunraysia at this time of year and with all the nesting birds and new growth on the trees it couldn't be more beautiful. Book your holiday today!!

Mildura Country Music Festival
Our annual Country Music Festival is in full swing!


By Phoebe Phillips, Posted 4th September, 2017

The beautiful blossoms of Mildura our out in full force again this Spring. The skies are blue and the birds are nesting. Now is the perfect time to start planning your September school holidays and what better place than relaxing by the Mighty Murray River.

The Beautiful Blossoms are out in force again in Mildura.


By Phoebe Phillips, Posted June 7th, 2017

Winter is here again, and with it brings the frosty mornings of the desert climate. We all have a chance to get the fires burning and rug up and enjoy the few months of the year when the Mildura heat is not bearing down upon us! It is a wonderful time of year to visit Mildura and surrounds. We are ready and waiting to take care of your every need here at the 7th Street Motel, so what are you waiting for, get in touch today!

Sunrise over the Murray River


By Phoebe Phillips Posted May 11th, 2017

Autumn is a beautiful time in Mildura. The Chinese Pistachio trees show off their magnificent brilliant yellow, orange and scarlet foliage in autumn and the Claret Ash trees turn their glossy green foliage into claret and deep purple. The Mildura weather is fantastic; the sun is warm on your back during the day though the nights are cool so snuggling under your favourite blanket is a real treat after the extremely hot summer Mildura has just endured!. The Murray River takes on a whole other feeling during Autumn, patches of fog can be seen sitting above the water as the pelicans enjoy their morning swim. It really is a wonderful time of year to visit the Sunraysia region and get out and explore what Mildura has to offer without melting :)

Chinese Pistachio
The Magnificent Chinese Pistachio in Autumn.


By Karen Billett posted March 3rd, 2017

As part of the Australian Pro Tour, young tennis players from all over the world come to Mildura to compete so that they can gain rankings.  As one of the club sponsors, we have quite a few players staying with us this year.  Wayne and I are looking forward to attending the sponsors luncheon at the weekend which is held courtside where we are able to watch some of the finals.


By Karen Billett, posted December 19, 2016

I have just checked the weather forecast for the next 7 days and it's going to be hot.  They say it should be 37 degrees by xmas eve.  Our guests will be able to relax and enjoy our lovely swimming pool to keep cool.  The new Water Play Park down by the river is also now open and only a 5 minute walk from 7th Street Motel.

Relax by the pool & there is even shade for your car!


By Phoebe Phillips, posted December 6, 2016

After an unseasonably mild spring, Summer has finally arrived! The weather is definitely on the rise and Mildura is ready to host all your holiday fun! The Murray River has been in flood, affording some fabulous pictures but unfortunately not making for the best activity hub, however it is now receding and we are all getting ready for a wonderful Christmas period. So if you haven't booked your Christmas Holidays yet, get in now before it's too late!!

Mildura Wharf in Flood November 2016

New Riverfront Development Update

By Karen Billett posted November 7, 2016

The new access to the Murray River from 7th Street is now open and looks fantastic.  Just a short stroll from the motel and you are able to wander down to the river while enjoying the views and landscaped gardens that have been put in.  The Rowing Club is also underway for a transformation and is progressing fast.  Top level is going to be a restaurant overlooking the river. 

An evening stroll to the river.
New Rowing Club & Restaurant under construction


By Phoebe Phillips posted October 19, 2016

With another Country Music Festival now behind us we look forward to the upcoming and very busy summer period. Mildura is the place be in the warmer months, with plenty of activities for all ages. Whether you are into adrenalin pumping sports like waterskiing and wakeboarding or prefer the more relaxed pursuits such as river cruises and wine tasting, our diverse region has it all. Why don't you get in early and book your summer vacation now, so you can relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of!
jacaranda Trees in full bloom
Jacaranda Trees on Deakin Avenue; a beautiful late spring Mildura attraction.


By Phoebe Phillips posted August  19, 2016

The weather has been beautiful this week, reminding us all that spring is well and truly on its way! We here at the 7th Street Motel are gearing up for yet another busy Springtime Season with the Mildura Country Music Festival fast approaching and the annual Jazz, Food & Wine Fair not too far behind so if you haven't already then book your holiday to Mildura to take advantage of all that our beautifully diverse region has to offer!

Mildura Blossoms
Sunraysia's Beautiful Blossom Season is soon to be upon us.


By Phoebe Phillips posted  August 12, 2016

There's plenty of things happening in Sunraysia to keep you entertained in the lead up to Spring, so why not pack those bags and get some winter sun in Mildura! We have the annual Zest Fest, celebrating all things citrus, The Merbein Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph where you can taste all the delicious entries, The Spring Flower & Floral Design Show to get your green thumbs twitching and The Wentworth Show, proper old school country show fun for all the family! 


By Phoebe Phillips posted July 15, 2016

Mildura Writers Festival holds the annual Philip Hodgins Memorial Dinner this evening at 7:30 at the Mildura Tennis Club. Tomorrow is a full day of readings and interviews at La Trobe University followed by 'Mid Winter Feast' - a 3 course dinner by Stefano De Pieri includung a pre dinner talk by Richard Denniss, also at the Tennis Club. It is finished in style with a finale lunch at Stefano's cafe at 27 Deakin. Don't miss out on these fabulous events all weekend in Mildura.


By Phoebe Phillips posted  May 25, 2016

Winter is but a week away and already the woolies are out in full force! So here's a poem to help you through the coming frosts:

'Like Applique on nothingness
like adjectives in hype
fallen bracts of bougain-
eddy round the lee verandah
like flowers still partying
when their dress has gone home.'

Les Murray


By Karen Billett posted May 15, 2016

We had a lovely group of ladies & gentlemen here last week from Broken Hill. They enjoyed their stay so much they are coming back next year to do it all again!!
The Broken Hill Ladies getting ready for departure. May 13, 2016


By Karen Billet posted April 25, 2016

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; 

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 

At the going down of the sun and in the morning 

We will remember them.


By Karen Billett posted March 31, 2016

We all here at 7th Street Motel would like to wish you a belated Happy Easter!! We were so busy with all the influx of tourists for the annual boat race I have not had time before now to post an update! We had a wonderful weekend here in Mildura, the weather was perfect, not too hot and beautiful blue sunny skies. With over a week left of the school holidays why not come to town and enjoy the magical time that is Autumn in the desert!!


By Karen Billett posted March 5, 2016

Although we are still feeling the effects of a very hot summer, Autumn has finally arrived! We are about to be gifted the bright red foliage of the Chinese Pistachio Trees along with the Claret Ash that will be turning a wonderful maroon. The fog on the Murray will be resting above the water at dusk and dawn and its the perfect time to set out and explore our wonderful region by bike. Did I mention that we have two fabulous mountain bikes for hire? What an ideal way to immerse yourself into our diverse landscape!

Autumn in Mildura.


By Karen Billett posted February 23, 2016

Kicking off on Friday 4th March is the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival. It starts with a River Party with live Jazz and the Sunraysia Farmers Twilight Market.  Also starting on the 4th is 'The Shades of Grey' exhibition at Stefano’s Cafe. Thirteen photographers are exhibiting twenty-five black and white portraits of the ‘hidden gems’ in our community.  The following weekend see the Red Cliffs Players present: William Shakespeare’s 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' at the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens.


By Phoebe Phillips posted February 4, 2016

The Mildura Grand Tennis International is coming to town on the 28th Februrary and goes until the 6th March. It promises to be an exciting event for all the family and with prize money totalling USD$50,000 it is sure to attract some talented players! We have rooms available for spectators and players alike and considering we are literally a hop, skip and a jump from the venue it's surely a no-brainer to book with the 7th Street Motel. For more information on the tournament click here.


By Phoebe Phillips posted January 20, 2016

With Australia Day approaching fast now is a good time to think about what we celebrate on our national day and why. Australia Day started life as the anniversary of a minor movement of the First Fleet from Botany Bay where they had made landfall some eight days earlier. It wasn’t the official commissioning of the colony either, which took place on 7 February. And of course, it wasn’t the arrival of people on this great land mass, an event which took place millennia before. So it turns out that in many ways the date, 26 January, is unimportant. 

And yet, this 26 January  Australians will get together to celebrate their good fortune and (particularly in the early days) to thank their lucky stars that they have survived another year in this great but harsh land at all. Celebrations have ebbed and flowed during that time, sometimes enjoying a great groundswell of support, at other times bearing the marks of a cultural cringe. History is rarely one straight line of smooth sailing and Australia’s history is certainly a mottled one.

Australians have always been a little uncomfortable with formalities. So it has been with our national day. The Americans may have their Fourth of July parades, and the French their Bastille Day processions, but insofar as there is a definitive way of celebrating Australia Day it’s a barbecue.

So with all this in mind, have you planned your Australia Day BBQ yet? We still have rooms available if you wish to spend it by the Mighty Murray River. Plus for all staying with us on this celebratory day you will all receive FREE HOMEMADE LAMINGTONS!! Happy Australia Day All :)

Australia Day
Happy Australia Day from all here at The 7th Street Motel.


By Phoebe Phillips posted December 22, 2015

As the silly season fast approaches, we at the 7th Street Motel Mildura would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It is time to eat, drink and be merry, and most importantly of all to be surrounded by your loved ones. Let's also take time out to think of those less fortunate than us and maybe spread a little holiday cheer to bring lightness out of the dark. I would also just like to say to all those travelling on the roads this Christmas Season to take the utmost care and rememeber, Stop, Revive, Survive!

So until next year be safe, be happy and enjoy :) 


By Phoebe Phillips posted December 1, 2015

So it's the first day of summer and already it feels like it's going to be a scorcher this year on the edge of the desert, thank god for the Mighty Murray River to help us all cool down! 
We have a beautifully refreshing outdoor pool here at 7th Street Motel, so there's no need to travel in the heat to the rivers edge! Just rememeber that we here in Australia need to cover up as best we can to avoid the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays, so as they alway say, Slip, Slop, Slap!!

Swimming Pool
Cool off in our refreshing swimming pool.


  • “Mildura getaway”

    Awesome experience. Very friendly. Karen and Wayne were very friendly and accommodating. The rooms were clean rooms and motel was central to town. Wayne will even pick you up and drop off from the airport free of change. They do a breakfast from 6.45am which was great for us. Great value added. Will stay there again .


    Justin M
    San Remo, Australia
  • “Good, simple, affordable”

    I only stayed one night- but I appreciated the simplicity and personal touch of the stylings. Great location, wifi good & great location. The service was genuine & the milk was fresh! Definitely recommend.

    Susie B
    Melbourne, Australia
  • “Felt like i'm home!”

    I stayed 6 days. Everything was perfect. House keeping is done everyday and It's spotless. Privacy,100%. Close to station/shops, Free wifi, pool, mini bar fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, tv -You name it, they have it. Run as a family business, Wayne and Karen felt like family. Love you guys. 7 th Street motel - Place to be!

    Raj T
    Melbourne, Australia
  • “Thank you.” 

    Thank you all for making our stay enjoyable on our first visit to Mildura.  Our room was comfortable and very clean.  We will let anyone know who is coming to Mildura to stay here.

    Virginia & Arthur Giles
    Ballarat, Australia
  • Thank you!

    Thank you ladies, who clean the rooms. You do a wonderful job.  I have stayed in quite a few motels and have never had one as clean as this.  The exhaust fans & ceiling fans usually never get cleaned. Thanks again.

    Jill & Reg
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